"A great social success is a pretty girl who plays her cards as carefully as if she were plain."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald


Southern belle, college student, Alpha Sigma Tau sorority woman.

"She's known as an individualist, a party girl, a procrastinator, an absolute failure, and a huge success... She can be so much, yet so little. But when she accepts a rose, a shirt, a pin and a hat, she's an angel, a princess, my sister, a Tau."

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how do you tell the person whose opinion matters the most to you that their biggest fear for you came true

you are terrifying / and strange and beautiful / something not everyone knows how to love

i knew all along i’d be the one that was different for you

i love you very much and i am so so sorry i didn’t tell you when we were both in a place and time that it could’ve worked.

i’m exhausted, i’m miserable, and i wish more than anything that i didn’t have to keep going through this.